Digital Kingdom Sàrl
Based in Vevey, Switzerland

Founding date:
September 14, 2014


Press / Business contact:



Chaussée de la Guinguette 4
1800 Vevey
Switzerland (CH)

+00 41 (0)22 575 44 45


Digital Kingdom (DK) is a new media company that specialises in developing video-games and interactive applications. We have two main areas of focus: Digital Kingdom products and Client interactive applications. Digital Kingdom products are applications developed in-house. These are mainly fun video games for the smartphone market. These products help us continually sharpen our own technical skills while also creatively marketing our services. Interactive applications. For specific clients, we conceptualise, design and develop interactive applications for the world of media, education, industry and culture – always combining the very latest technology and techniques with our savoir-faire to deliver the best results for our customers.


Early history

Digital Kingdom, in its SARL form, was born in September 2014. However, its founders have been collaborating on projects for several years. Vurlod Benjamin, Partner, is a multimedia designer in CFC with a specialisation in computer graphics. He started his professional activities in 2007, with a mainly independent route, punctuated with periods of employment in-house. (design firm, specializes 3D). Reutenauer Olivier, managing partner, studied mechanical engineering before moving into computer graphics. He started his professional activities in 2006, with a mainly independent route, punctuated periods of employment in-house. (industrial design firm, design firm, specializes 3D). These experiences have given both partners first-hand experience of the realities, constraints and needs of areas such as industry, communication, advertising and design. The creation of the SARL was the opportunity to apply these skills beyond computer graphics and start to generate innovative interactive applications. Two graduates developers, EPFL engineers, Stephane Basile and Restani Perrenoud are also part of the DK adventure. They strengthen the team’s digital development expertise and support the early stages of production.

After that

Digital Kingdom puts all its experience and expertise into every project - be they educational, recreational, training, marketing, or a combination of these. We pay special attention to how our projects are handled, ensuring that they meet all the client’s objectives. For us, customer satisfaction comes from a combination of our quality of work, creativity, project management, technology mastery and customer relationships. And that makes us happy too. In fact, we are driven by our passion for the interactive videogame sector and for always developing the most innovative solutions for the diverse projects and clients we work with.



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Awards & Recognition

    Fromage et tromblon
    A small advergame project http://www.fromage-et-tromblon.ch.

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Benjamin Vurlod
    Artist, Game Designer

    Olivier Reutenauer
    Project Manager

    Stéphane Restani
    Programmer, Game Designer

    Basile Perrenoud
    Programmer, Sound Designer

    Leila Ait Kaci
    Programmer, Interaction Designer

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